Morning Meeting Provides Resources, Challenges, Laughs

Morning Meeting Provides Resources, Challenges, Laughs

From the team that brought us the Once Upon a Tech podcast, Learning Village Librarian Sarah FitzHenry and Learning Village Coordinator of Computer Science Kim Wilkens, comes a new daily diversion: Morning Meeting.

“In the first week after schools closed, thousands of resources started popping up all over the internet,” recalled FitzHenry. “Many were fantastic, but it took a lot of time and effort to tell the great ones from the not-so-great ones. I kept seeing the same message from parents: ‘this is wonderful, but when am I supposed to have the time to look through all of these resources to figure out which ones are right for my family?’ Our goal is to make that easier. We’re also hoping to spread a little bit of extra giggles, sunshine, and stability in a time that can feel scary and unfamiliar. Kids thrive with routine. And as it turns out, so do Kim and I!”

The daily podcast, intended for listeners of all ages as well as families, mixes resources and challenges with lighthearted content and listener interaction in each 15 minute episode.

“There’s always some humor, whether it’s the joke or riddle that we tell, or just us having a good laugh with each other,” said Wilkens. “We share a highlight from our day or week which is usually positive, but sometimes it’s about things we are struggling with. We try to share a balance of resources that include online and offline activities. There’s always a creative challenge with a Padlet or social media for listeners to share their creations. At least once a week, we share a resource about the pandemic.”

Morning Meeting is available via the Once Upon a Tech website as well as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Castbox. Listeners are encouraged to tune in each weekday morning, and share the results of the daily challenges. FitzHenry and Wilkens also welcome special guests, so listeners who would like to share on the podcast are encouraged to contact them via their social media channels  (FacebookTwitter, Instagram).

Morning Meeting feels like a way to connect, to teach, and to help,” said FitzHenry. “If learners can’t come to our libraries and labs, we’ll bring it to them!”


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