Learning Village Debuts Grades 7 & 8 Quests

Fall 2016 saw the creation of the St. Anne's-Belfield School Quests program, an update to the elective courses seventh and eighth grade students chose in the past. This new component of the Learning Village curriculum shaped options around questions, with classroom teachers facilitating group explorations rather than leading a set syllabus.

Quests are student-driven in both choice and content. Students can choose a Quest that is project-based, problem-based, product-driven, skill-specific, service-oriented, or one that evolves with them. With new course options each trimester, students have the opportunity to explore multiple topics outside of the traditional curriculum, or follow one project through three courses with each building upon the last.

Fall 2016 course options included Who Am I Really?: Science of the Mind with Mr. Weiss, How Much Does Life Cost? with Ms. Phillips, and What Happened Here?: Figuring Out a Crime Science with Forensic Science with Mrs. Grosch.

In the all-School curriculum, Quests provide a bridge in grades seven and eight between the student-led FAB Lab mornings in the Learning Village Grades K – 4, and the Upper School Intensives courses. All of these programs focus on topics outside of the typical curriculum.

In September 2016, NBC 29 featured the Quest program in a broadcast report STAB Launches Quest Program Classes for Middle Schoolers.


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