Grades 5 – 8 Students Shine in Annual Talent Show

Learning Village Grades 5 – 8 students had the chance to share their unique skills and interests in the annual Talent Show on Friday, Jan. 31. Congratulations to:

Benny Zheng ’24
Shared original electronic music compositions

Olivia Tennery ’24 & Charlotte Feist ’26
Sang and played guitar for “The Cup Song”

Sebastian Carr ’26
Played “Let It Snow” on the piano

Maria Guo ’26
Performed a traditional Chinese song

Burke Gunther ’25
Sang The Beatles’ “Yesterday”

Sebastian Laza ’26
Played “Sonatina in C Major” by Clementi on the piano

Izzy Sanok ’24
Sang “She Used to Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles

Burke Gunther ’25 & Marin Halstead ’25
Performed a Grades 7 play teaser, “Peter Pan”

Keira Druzgal ’26
Sang “Good Girl Winnie Foster” from Tuck Everlasting

Jacky Huang ’24 & Jacob Ye ’26
Solved Rubik’s Cubes

Fiona Wu ’24
Performed a traditional Chinese dance

Mira Jackson ’26
Performed a contemporary dance

Sonia Kamath ’24
Played the piano and sang “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles

Alex Brown ‘24, Alex Cheng ’24, & Edward Beisswanger ’24
Played the piano, violin and cello for “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Sophia Sun ’24 and Sonia Kamath ’24
Played the piano and sang “On My Own” from Les Miserables

Andrew Dahl ‘24, Jack Krupnick ’24, & Edward Beisswanger ’24
Performed Mumford and Sons’ “The Cave”

Photographs from the show are now available on the School's SmugMug account. Go Saints! 


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