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Fourth Grade FAB Lab Makes Outdoor Mud Kitchen

Fourth grade students in Senora Roth's FAB Lab group recently investigated how they could make recess even more fun for their Kindergarten Chapel Buddies.

Students interviewed Kindergarteners and conducted research at recess, and learned that their younger buddies enjoyed imaginative play. With this in mind, the fourth grade students designed, created a prototype, and worked with Mr. Browning to build a "mud kitchen" for the playground. Featuring a sink, "stove," faucet, and even microwave, the kitchen was unveiled to a very grateful group which presented older students with a homemade thank you card.

FAB Lab in the Learning Village Grades K – 4 allows students to engage in student-initiated inquiry. It is the School's own version of Google's '20% Time,' adapted to be developmentally appropriate for young children with natural curiosity and questions. During FAB Lab time, students develop perseverance as they generate questions, solve problems, collaborate with peers, and delve into their own curiosities and interests.