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First Grade Designs Plans for New City Market

On March 23, Crystal Clements of Woodard Properties visited the first grade during FAB Lab time to discuss architecture and her firm's project to draw up a new plan for the City Market.

Ms. Clements showed the students a bird's eye view of their own school and campus, and together they discussed the many different constituents of any project, including clients, architects, engineers, and builders. Ms. Clements reminded them that compromise is a part of any planning process.

"Not once in my whole life have I ever drawn something and everyone thought it was perfect," she told the students. "I'm always glad when we make changes, it makes everything better."

The group then discussed the current City Market, held in a parking lot, and the needs of both salespeople and customers. Students brainstormed on items that could be included in a plan to make the market more comfortable for all, including benches, trees, fountains, bathrooms, and more.

Students split into groups to design their own City Market plans, and Ms. Clements has promised to bring the ideas with her to present to other architects in her firm.