2021-22 COVID Mitigation Strategies

Last update: Nov. 5, 2021


Please note: We are continually monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19. These guidelines will be adapted throughout the year as we respond to the changing factors. Thank you for your continued patience and partnership in keeping our children safe and learning!


COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies


We are following the health district’s current guidance and using layers of protection: 

  • Universal proper use of face coverings/masks (see “Face Coverings” section below),
  • Three feet of distance,
  • Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer,
  • Appropriately ventilating spaces,
  • Regular disinfection of high touch surfaces,
  • Daily health screenings, and
  • Staying home when sick.


You may read more about each of the above points in the FAQ section of our Illness Toolkit.


Vaccine Expectations (updated Nov. 5, 2021)


As of Oct. 1, 2021, St. Anne’s-Belfield requires all employees to be vaccinated or participate in required weekly PCR testing. All of our employees must continue to adhere to our mitigation strategies, including physical distancing, proper face coverings, daily health screening, and regular hand sanitizing.

To support employees who need to be absent due to COVID symptoms or quarantine, we have implemented an employee emergency sick leave policy through the end of the 2021 calendar year.



Winter student-athletes for whom we do not have COVID-19 vaccination records will need to participate in weekly surveillance testing.


Face Coverings


In accordance with guidance from the CDC, our health districts, and our School’s medical advisors, we will require all students ages three and up, all employees, and all visitors to wear a face covering at all times while indoors and in the presence of other people.


With a faculty or staff member’s permission, students may remove face coverings for some outdoor activities.


Daily Health Screening 


Please complete the Daily Health Screening questionnaire every morning prior to coming to campus. Lower and Middle School parents should complete this in PikMyKid, which you may download in the Apple or Android app store. Upper School students will complete their screenings via Google Form. 


If you answer “yes” to any of the questions on behalf of your child, stay at home. Do not come to campus. Contact the School at:


You will be required to complete a Return to School form signed by your medical provider prior to your child resuming in-person learning. The form may be located on the Illness Toolkit page.


Positive COVID-19 Cases

Positive COVID-19 Cases

If you have a positive COVID-19 test result, please leave a voice message on the School hotline: (434) 987-2778


How We Will Communicate With You

When there is a confirmed positive case of coronavirus in our community, our nurses and administrators work closely with the health district to identify and notify all students and employees who may have been directly exposed as defined by the CDC.


After everyone who was potentially exposed has been notified, the School will send an email notification to everyone.


Returning to School After Illness or Quarantine

Return to School Clearance Form

If your child: 

  • Fails the Daily Health Screening, 
  • Must quarantine for direct exposure to coronavirus, 
  • Is diagnosed with coronavirus, or 
  • Has any other illness, including seasonal allergies

You will be required to complete a Return to School form signed by your medical provider prior to your child resuming in-person learning. The form may be located on the Illness Toolkit page.


The form must be completed regardless of your student’s vaccination status as an effort to keep our whole community safe.


Online Learning for Illness or Quarantine


*New Policy in 2021-22*

Remote learning is only available for illnesses or COVID-related quarantines that are expected to extend for more than two days of school. Remote learning is not offered for family vacations or times when children miss school due to brief illness. 


With permission of the Upper School division head, remote learning will also be available for residence life students who are unable to return to campus due to travel restrictions.


To transition to remote learning, a student’s family must submit documentation from a medical provider to the division head specifying the need for an extended absence and its anticipated duration. Once the School approves the transition to remote learning, a student can expect programming, including course materials and links to synchronous class meetings, to be available between 24 - 48 hours following approval.


Visitors to School

Visitors Inside Buildings

We are excited to finally allow a limited number of visitors back indoors, like parent/guardian groups and prospective families.

Invited guests must be symptom-free, masked, and adhere to physical distancing.

Audiences for Performances

Due to the capacity of our auditoriums and event spaces relative to the number of performers and our need to maintain physical distancing, seating will continue to be limited. Information about if and how many tickets are available will be communicated for each performance.

Spectators must be symptom-free, masked (if indoors), and adhere to physical distancing. Please see the Athletics webpage for the most up-to-date guidelines.




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