Faculty Feature: Upper School Nurse, Amanda LaCasse

Belfield Banter Co-Editor Jack D. '23 recently interviewed Upper School Nurse, Amanda LaCasse. Check out what she had to say below and read the most recent edition of The Belfield Banter here.

JD: Are you new to the Charlottesville area?

AL: Yes, my family and I moved here during the summer of 2020. We drove across the country from Albuquerque, NM during a very strange year (thank you, COVID!) I am from the Southwest (Arizona/New Mexico), but I have extended family in Virginia and have always loved visiting! I’m enjoying living here, except for the humidity/rain. I still feel very confused when it rains non-stop for days. In Arizona, that never happens!

JD: What made you interested in working in the education and health sectors?

AL: When I was in college, my grandfather became chronically ill and was hospitalized repeatedly. I had an interaction with one of his nurses that made me think about how much of an impact she had on both patients and families. I always wanted to help others, and I saw nursing as a really impactful way to do that. I started my path in school nursing due to life circumstances and having a nurse friend who recommended it. I enjoy the aspect of school nursing that brings a long-term relationship and sense of community to being a nurse.

JD: What is your favorite pastime outside of school?

AL: I enjoy being outside (when it isn’t raining!) I like hiking and doing outdoor activities. Most days, you can find me outside with my Nigerian Dwarf goats. They were my COVID adventure and I absolutely adore them! 

JD: Do you have any tips for staying safe during this
time of COVID?

AL: I think my biggest suggestion is to try to stay smart, even though you’re tired. We all want to be social and enjoy others around us, and we are moving forward through this pandemic to have more freedom to do so. Even still, if you can be masked indoors with
people who are not your family, try to do so. If you are vaccine eligible and have your parents’ agreement to be vaccinated, that should be a priority. If you want to hang out and not worry as much about COVID, go enjoy the outdoors!


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