Day of Impact Reaches Historic Levels

This year’s Day of Impact saw participation across 16 grade levels, faculty and staff, six decades of alumni classes, grandparents, and friends. A total of 663 donors made gifts and pledges totaling $829,544 and meeting the 400-donor challenge unlocked $200,000 while various matching gifts unlocked an additional $250,750.

The grades with the highest participation levels each won awards. In the Pre-School, Ms. Robin’s and Ms. Debbie’s homerooms tied with 70% parent participation. In Grades K – 4, the second grade reached 80% parent participation while in Grades 5 – 8 the seventh grade reached 71% parent participation. In the Upper School, the freshman class reached 60% domestic parent participation and 52% overall parent participation. The Class of 1974 saw the highest alumni participation at 22%.

The day was made possible with the support of Annual Giving Chair Chas Cocke and all members of the Annual Giving Committee* as well as representatives of the Parents’ Association, Alumni Board, and Class Ambassadors. The dedication and generosity of the Board of Trustees made possible the incredible challenge incentives.

Thank you to all involved for making such a big impact.

*Annual Giving Committee
Chas Cocke, Chair P '25, '28, '31
Colleen Chulis P '28, '30, '33
Rebecca Eustis P '23
Michael George P '24, '27
Andrew Greene P '29, '31
Trent Holden '12
Chris Laing P '22
Sophie Lin P '27
Sean McChesney '01
Brooke North P '28
Jessica Johnson Papaspyridis P '25
Chad Rogers P '29, '31
Kem Roth '84
Heidi Trebour P '22, '28
Olivia Wages P '29, '31, '24

Faculty Representatives 
Becky Malin P '26, '28, '32, '33
Caitlin Thomson