Collins ‘25 Creates Helicopter from Leftover Project Materials

Courtney Collins ‘25 has always been curious about how things work. At an early age, he would take apart toys, machines, and structures to figure out how they how they were built. During walks or running errands, he would search for trash and recyclables to assemble a machine or contraption of sorts. At age three, Collins found a rubber band, a bottle cap, a paper clip, and few pieces of cardboard and made a personal fan.

When Collins was recently challenged to create an art project, he gathered materials from the family “create” box (a box of leftover project materials) and a few hours later he presented a helicopter with a motorized propeller. The helicopter was made of popsicle sticks, cardboard easel backs, rubber bands, brass brads, springs from old pens, metal rods, and toy wheels. Collins researched how to make a battery-operated motor and used wire, a battery, and copper to make a battery for the motorized propellers. 

The time of distance learning afforded Collins the opportunity to allow his creativity and quest for innovation to create something original and cool. The many hours of designing, creating, testing, problem solving, and persistence to perfection produced a unique toy that will be archived as one of his greatest hits during the COVID-19 quarantine. 


    St. Anne's-Belfield School