Burrows' '12 New Musical Premiering at JMU

Zev Burrows' '12 new musical entitled The Pledge was selected for the New Works Lab at James Madison University (JMU), and will be performed on Thursday, May 30 and Friday, May 31.

The Pledge follows Jamie Price, a young college freshman on a swimming scholarship who is hazed while pledging a fraternity. Rather than accept hush money to keep quiet about the incident and protect reputations, Price instead posts his account online and encourages others to come forward with their stories. In doing so, he finds his voice and himself.

Burrows and his collaborator, Mark Evan Chimsky, wrote the show after hearing about Tim Piazza, a college freshman who died as a result of fraternity hazing.

More information on The Pledge and its performance schedule may be found at http://thepledgethemusical.com.