Arts Boosters Funds Professional Fight Director Visit

Benjamin Reed, a professional actor, theatre director, fight choreographer, and educator was on campus in October due to the support of the Arts Boosters. Reed serves as a fight choreographer and fight captain, as well as an assistant director and actor, at the American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Playhouse. During his time on campus he worked with the cast of the Grade 8 play, Romeo & Juliet.

"It was exciting to see the students challenged by the physicality and the precision that swordwork requires,” said Kailie Larkin, Grades 5 – 8 Theatre Arts Director.

“I am so grateful to the Arts Boosters for the opportunity to bring a professional fight captain to work with our actors, and for them to understand the level of care and training that goes into fight work. Hopefully this experience also served to expand their view of the different roles at play in professional theatre.”

Reed, who earned an M.F.A. from the University of Houston Professional Actor Training Program, was excited by the work he was able to conduct with students.

“It was absolutely my pleasure to introduce the students to the basic concepts and vocabulary that we use in the Society of American Fight Directors,” he said. “I was very impressed by their focus on the work and encouraged by their passion for theatre arts. I can’t wait to see where their education leads them!”

Romeo & Juliet was performed in early November. Photos from the production are now available on the School’s SmugMug account.