Albertson-Wren's Mindfulness Book Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Ms. J. Robin Albertson-Wren's book, Mindfulness for Kids: 30 Fun Activities to Stay Calm, Happy and in Control, has won a Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

The book was unanimously chosen for its unique stories, beautiful illustrations, and embedded lessons.

"In today's world, kids need to navigate so many emotions and as they spend more time on their devices, watch t.v. and observe unfortunate things like bullying at school and in other places. Mindfulness for Kids has the exact recipe that works for kids – reading about other kids and how they manage their anger, frustration, sadness, losing a friend, and what to do in all the situations they are confronted with in their young lives," read HowtoLearn's award announcement.

"As you read this beautifully illustrated book with your kids, you instill in them positive ways to acknowledge and manage their feelings. It opens up family discussions and helps kids learn positive values and easy to use behavioral guidelines at the same time!"

Co-authored with Carole P. Roman, Mindfulness for Kids has been a bestseller since its release with Althea Press.