A Look Back at the Middle School's End-of-Year Activities


Another year has come to a close for our Middle School Saints — a year full of perseverance, hard work, and joy. It’s time to celebrate all our strong Saints’ and their many accomplishments this school year. 

Congratulations to our Middle School students who excelled in their humanities courses, who tackled Singapore math with a passion, who learned the violin, who played a team sport, and who made our School community a better place.

Let’s look back at the end of your 2020-21 academic year and how we cheered you on as you finished the year Saints Strong.

8th Grade Class Day

students pose for a group photo at 8th Grade Class Night
a student gives a speech at 8th Grade Class Night
families clap for their students as they leave 8th Grade Class Night

Our 8th graders have accomplished tremendous things during their time in our Middle School and we were thrilled to honor these accomplishments at their final class day as students in the Learning Village.

View the 8th Grade Class Night Photo Album


8th Grade Exhibitions

Our Grade 8 students reflected on their experiences in the Middle School through their exhibitions. This emotional culminating event is deeply personal to each of our students. Usually presented in-person, this year they were presented with a hybrid model, in-person for peers and special faculty and digital for our families and friends at home.


8th Grade Carnival

students use the dunk tank at the 8th grade carnival
students play cornhole at the 8th grade carnival
students compete in a sack race at the 8th grade carnival

What better way to celebrate the end of our students’ time in the Middle School than with a carnival? The carnival featured snacks, games, picnics, sack races, yearbook distribution, and even a dunk tank, where students could dunk their favorite teachers.

View the 8th Grade Carnival Photo Album

Moving Up Chapel

Our Moving Up Chapel is a favorite end-of-year event for many students, and it's a tradition some of our students have participated in since Kindergarten. This year we welcomed our rising 6th graders, watched our rising 7th and 8th graders move up. And we parted ways with our rising 9th graders as they journeyed onto the Upper School.


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