A Look Back at the Upper School's End-of-Year Activities

Another year has come to a close, a year full of perseverance, hard work, and joy. It’s time to celebrate all our strong Saints’ and their many accomplishments this school year. 

Congratulations to our Upper School students who completed their intensives with a passion for new knowledge, who were accepted into universities, who researched important topics for independent studies, who participated in athletics, who performed in their first virtual concert, who graduated, and to all of our Saints who put their all into this school year. We celebrate you and we look forward to watching you grow here and beyond.

Let’s look back at the end of your 2020-21 academic year and how we cheered you on as you finished the year Saints Strong.

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a student works on a mechanical project for Intensives

Every year our students and faculty devote several weeks to exploring a new topic in-depth, which is not emphasized in our core curriculum. This presents a fantastic opportunity to dive deeper into an important issue that fascinates our students. Some of the Intensives this year were: Issues of Race, Gender and Social Justice, Finding a Way, Outdoor Leadership, Introduction to Film.


Open Mic Night

two students perform at Open Mic Night

The Upper School Open Mic Night is the time for our Saints to spend the evening reminiscing about their Upper School experience while showcasing their talents. This year featured several fantastic student music acts.


Moving Up Chapel

students sit on the upper turf enjoying the Upper School Moving Up Chapel

Our Moving Up Chapel is a favorite end-of-year event for most students, and it's a tradition our students have participated in since Kindergarten. This year we welcomed rising 9th graders, the class of 2025, and said “farewell” to our graduating seniors.


Senior Soirée

seniors pose for a group photo at the senior soiree

Our Senior Soirée was the perfect occasion for our seniors to get dressed up and celebrate their final days at St. Anne’s-Belfield together. The soirée featured a hot donut truck — which was a big hit during the rainy evening event.


Senior Talent Show

Zack N. sings and plays guitar at senior talent show

The Senior Talent Show featured many of our talented Saints in various acts – everything from comedy to music. Pictured above is Zack N. ’21 wowing the crowd with his guitar and singing prowess.



a student receives their diploma at commencement

On June 4, 2021, we congratulated our seniors as they walked across the stage, now alumni of St. Anne’s-Belfield. Congratulations to the class of 2021; remember that you are always Saints at heart.


Explore the end-of-year album


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