21st Century Citizenship Seminar Sees Virtual Alumni Visits

When distance learning began in response to COVID-19, it was clear that field trips would not be taking place. For students in the 21st Century Citizenship Senior Seminar, this meant there would be no trip to Washington, D.C. Traditionally students would spend two days in the city, supervised by instructors Mr. David Lourie and Mrs. Laura Robertson, touring landmarks and meeting with alumni. Instead, the alumni came to the students.

“I thought it was important for alumni to visit our Citizenship class so that we could see how they applied the lessons they learned in this class to their broader lives,” said Ari Krupnick ’20, who organized the virtual visit.

“Citizenship alumni have gone on to be involved in many different professions so seeing where we could potentially end up after college is an exciting experience.” 

Krupnick invited every alumnus who had taken the 21st Century Citizenship class with an Evite. The Zoom visit saw more than 45 current and former Citizenship students gather. Alumni also sent in recorded testimonials to honor Mr. David Lourie.

“It was great to see so many of my peers and fellow citizens from years past,” said Jake Falica ‘20.

“It was a great way to see Mr. Lourie off. He has touched so many students, but especially those of us who have had the pleasure of taking his class. Getting everyone together that evening most certainly put a smile on both his and Mrs. Robertson's face. That two-hour-ish block gave us both that opportunity and also an opportunity to learn from the many citizens. I have to give infinite praise to Ari for putting together this experience. It was absolutely wonderful.”

Students also organized a virtual visit to Washington, D.C. that included a visit from Malcolm Stewart ’75 at the Solicitor General's Office, as well as stops at the Library of Congress, the Mall, The White House, the Smithsonian Art Museum, the National Cathedral, and the Botanic Garden.

“The resilience and joie de vivre they demonstrated made their teachers incredibly hopeful for the future,” said Robertson.

Alumni from the United States, China, and South Korea contributed to the visit. Some who took part in the Zoom included: 

  • Kevin Zeitheml ‘11
  • Trent Holden ‘12
  • Sophie Gibson ‘12
  • Max Alvarez ‘16
  • Ian Buchanan ‘16
  • Annie Cory ‘16
  • Will Define ‘16
  • Maddie Hunter ‘16
  • Korben London ‘16
  • Carlin Maurer ‘16
  • Mariah McVey ‘16
  • Josh Reiss ‘16
  • Liza Stoner ‘16
  • Holland Edmonds ‘17
  • Clay Gibbons ‘17
  • Leah Smyle ‘17
  • Yuelin Dang  ‘18
  • Annabel Forward ‘18
  • Jacob Lourie ‘18
  • Thomas Castleman ‘19
  • Katie Define ‘19
  • Piper Holden ‘19
  • Milo Last-Yuen ‘19
  • Chloe Lowell ‘19
  • Jack Riley ‘19


    St. Anne's-Belfield School