Renaissance Reading

The St. Anne’s-Belfield School Renaissance Reading program is an extra-curricular opportunity that matches students with faculty sponsors to read and discuss literature outside of the classroom and curriculum.

The program motivates students to develop reading habits that produce intellectual growth, as well as rewards those whose reading has generated exceptional insight and understanding. It also allows faculty to set an example of reading for pleasure, and encourages a broadly informed faculty and student body. Through meetings and discussions, the program is another means by which School teachers and students connect in significant ways.


  1. At the beginning of each academic year, every faculty member who chooses to participate will submit to the committee the titles of two books that he or she wishes to sponsor. A Renaissance Reading list will then be published including faculty names and the titles they will are open to discussing.
  2. Students may also suggest books they would like to read and ask a faculty member to sponsor the discussion.
  3. Students should have a 20- to 30-minute individual or group discussion with the faculty member to explore the quality, significance, and implications of the work.
  4. The faculty member should then notify the faculty sponsor about the book(s) read and student(s) present for discussion.
  5. Students who have read a minimum of five works and who have had satisfactory discussions will be named as Renaissance Readers and will receive a certificate noting this accomplishment.
  6. Students must have completed a minimum of two of these readings by the end of the first term.