The Fund for St. Anne's-Belfield

The Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield is our community’s annual giving program and a top philanthropic priority.

What is the Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield?

The Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield provides flexible dollars where the need is the greatest in any given year. As one of the School’s most impactful giving vehicles, the Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield touches every aspect of the St. Anne’s-Belfield experience.

From student to faculty to staff support, the Fund fuels and enhances a culture of learning and academic excellence. Gifts to the fund provide immediate support for annual priorities and are integral in advancing the School’s core purpose.

Supporting the Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield directly strengthens the School’s fiscal health and has a powerful impact on arts and media, athletics, early childhood education, financial aid, health and wellness, inclusive excellence and teaching innovation.

Unrestricted and annual restricted gifts to the Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield make up 11% of the School’s operating budget, influencing every aspect of student life and enhancing every child’s educational experience. Every gift to the Fund makes a difference. In the 2021-22 school year, you and fellow generous donors provided $2.3 million for annual and strategic priorities, including proceeds from Maroon and White Week, with nearly $1.3 million as unrestricted dollars. Thank you for your generous support.



Why I Give

Sally Mott Freeman '72

"Thanks to the St. Anne’s ‘village’ of relentlessly smart, caring, and tough-minded faculty and staff, I matured, and eventually excelled. I cannot think of another period in my life that affected more positive change, stimulated greater self-discipline, personal confidence, and intellectual curiosity than those four years."


Sophia Hunt '15

"The act of giving reflects a larger appreciation of and care for the well-being of our alma mater. More importantly, when we as alumni each pitch in, our collective effort has the multiplicative power to uplift and further the vision of St. Anne’s Belfield."