The Fund for St. Anne's-Belfield

The Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield is our community’s annual giving program and top philanthropic priority. Gifts to the Fund are put to use each year, allowing the School to provide an extraordinary learning environment where each child is known well.

The Fund encompasses all gifts made to the School within a given fiscal year that provide operational support to annual and strategic priorities. This means anything - materials, equipment, people, programs, initiatives - for which we plan and budget for in the current school year.

In this past year, facing the extraordinary challenges brought about by the outbreak of COVID-19, gifts to The Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield allowed our faculty, staff, and administration to react nimbly and effectively to unprecedented challenges. Because of gifts to the Fund, the School was able to implement a distance learning program with the highest levels of professionalism, empathy, and care for our students in the face of extreme circumstances. The resources provided by The Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield were integral in allowing us to support our families, our faculty and staff, and continue the excellent education of our students.

Donations to The Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield makes up 12% of the School’s operating budget influencing every aspect of student life and enhancing every child’s educational experience. In the 2019-2020 school year, you and fellow generous donors provided $2.5 million for annual and strategic priorities, including proceeds from the Maroon & White Week. The following pages include our “honor roll” of donors who supported a priority or fund included in The Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield last school year. Thank you for your generous support and commitment to advancing our core purpose of inspiring and preparing the next generation of visionary leaders and exemplary citizens.

The Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield Areas of Impact

  • Area of Greatest Need: Supports our most crucial annual priorities integral to advancing our core purpose of preparing the next generation of visionary leaders and exemplary citizens.
  • Arts & Media: Supports our arts and digital media curricula and our core value of creativity.
  • Athletics: Provides funds for our extensive Athletics program which includes 55 sports teams, dozens of coaches, equipment, facilities, as well as skilled Sports Medicine and Athletic Development staff.
  • Early Childhood Education: Provides resources for our youngest learners, Preschool through grade 2, and the expert faculty who support them, building a strong foundation for our intentional Preschool through Grade 12 curriculum.
  • Financial Aid: Ensures a St. Anne’s-Belfield education is accessible to every mission-appropriate, qualified student.
  • Health & Wellness: Enables high quality measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff.
  • Inclusive Excellence: Advances our strategic initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Teaching Excellence & Innovation: Provides financial resources to help attract and retain expert faculty and provide yearly opportunities to grow and innovate through high-quality, professional development.
Seniors clap and celebrate during their Commencement ceremony.


Why I Give
Thomas & Kristin Dahl

Thomas & Kristin Dahl, Parents '20, '21, '24, '29

"We give to the [School because] we realize that the net tuition revenue does not cover the cost of all that a St. Anne's-Belfield education offers."