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Leadership donors make a significant impact on our ability to innovate and advance the mission of St. Anne’s-Belfield School. We gratefully acknowledge their generous commitment to our community, our teachers, and our students.

Consecutive Giving Key (reflective of giving to any fund):
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Words of Gratitude

Trent Anderson, P '24
Trent Anderson, P '24 and his son joined the School community in 2016.
Why did you choose a St. Anne’s-Belfield School education for your son?
Like most parents, I want my child to grow into the best person he can be so that he can maximize his contribution to future society. It is my belief that education and learning in general is critical in the growth and development of a child. I’ll admit I’m no farmer, but from what I’ve read it’s the soil, access to sunlight, amount of rain  the collective environment that is the primary factor in growing a successful crop. And when I heard about St. Anne's-Belfield School initially it was only by reputation, but after looking closer, it became clear that it fostered an environment for maximizing learning potential with its class size, faculty dedication, state of the art facilities, resources, matriculation trends, and close knit community. It was then that I saw the reputation was well deserved.
Why do you give to the St. Anne’s-Belfield Annual Fund?
I give what I can because I have been given to. I truly believe the saying that no (wo)man is an island. We’ve all gotten where we are because someone has helped us at some point, be it your parents putting you through school or a teacher or mentor who believed in you and encouraged you, etc. And St. Anne’s-Belfield in particular has been dedicated in extending itself to the community at large. They’ve cultivated a culture of inclusivity and I have good faith that what I contribute will be used for the greatest good.
Why do you feel philanthropy to the School, or any organization you support, is important?
My general outlook is one of connectedness and I believe philanthropy is about inclusion at it’s core. When we look back at history, we see periods where people were excluded because of their ethnicity, faith, gender, etc. and since those times we’ve become more inclusive and have received many great contributions that would not be had opportunity not been available. I think we create conditions for the best possible future when we maximize the potential of all members of society. You never know where your next Elon Musk, Oprah, or Ray Kurzweil will come from, but by providing as many opportunities as possible, you tip the scales for best potential outcomes.
What would you tell parents who have never given to the School and are considering a gift this year?
Investing in the future of children is an investment in your future. The children of today will go on to become the leaders of tomorrow’s world  a world where you as a senior citizen, your children, your grandchildren will live and how many of them that contribute to healthcare, government, and world affairs in a positive way is directly correlated with what you do today. This is your opportunity to impact the narrative of tomorrow.