Faculty and Staff Donors

Our faculty and staff have consistently been among the most loyal supporters of the School’s philanthropic efforts. We congratulate our faculty on achieving a 94% participation rate among full-time teaching faculty - a true testament to the “all-in” ethos of our educators.

Consecutive Giving Key (reflective of giving to any fund):
  20   20+ Years      15   15+ Years      10   10+ Years       5    5+ Years

Words of Gratitude

Geoff & Marie Reed

Geoff and Marie Reed and children Alex '27 and Abby '30 joined the School community in 2014. In addition to being School parents, Geoff and Marie are both faculty members, with Geoff serving as a Grade 5 English/history teacher, and Marie a Grade 7 humanities teacher and Grades 5 - 8 dean of faculty development.

Why did you choose a St. Anne's-Belfield School education for Alex and Abby?
During our initial visit, we were struck by the intentional work of the faculty. Five years have passed, and we continue to be inspired by the creativity and commitment of our colleagues. They value each child and strive to build an authentic, inclusive, and kind community in which children can grow to be their best selves.

Why do you give to the St. Anne's-Belfield School Annual Fund?
We give because we are grateful. We experience challenges both as parents and as teachers. Every member of our family has grown because we are part of this School. We feel indebted to our children’s teachers and to the colleagues and friends who have mentored and supported each of us.

What would you tell parents who have never given to the School and are considering a gift this year?
Consider the symbolic value of a gift – regardless of its size. Although alumni and faculty giving are important, full participation by current parents offers a powerful illustration of our collective support for the teachers, advisors, and mentors who nurture and challenge our children each day.