Building For The Future

Last year, generous supporters contributed more than $3 million toward a number of capital and endowment initiatives.

The School formally announced one of these exciting initiatives earlier this spring. The Randolph Hall auditorium and orchestra room on the Greenway Rise Campus will become a reimagined student-centric community convening space. The learning center will be named for former head of school David Lourie, P. ’18 & ’21 and will include innovative spaces that will transform learning, including a music and video recording studio to be named in honor of Tess Majors ’19.

“The space will be transformed into a hub of connectivity and creativity as our students make positive change in our world. I wish to thank all those involved in the process and the generous donors who have helped to make it happen,” Head of School Autumn A. Graves said.

Planning for this renovation began six years ago as part of the School’s 2017-2022 Strategic Plan with a vision for a new learning center. In partnership with Bowie Gridley Architects, Dr. Graves and Head of the Upper School Beth Miller led an inclusive planning process, involving numerous teachers and staff, to update the plan based on current needs in 2021.

Phase 1 began this summer, with a hopeful plan to open the new space for learning in the fall of 2023. Generous donors have led the way to support significant initial construction on the project, but fundraising continues for the later phases of the project.