Impact: Philanthropy in Action 2021-22

If you could use only one word you would use to describe our School, what would it be?

In a recent visioning exercise led by Little — the design firm helping us to define our hopes and dreams as we think of health and wellness in the context of a whole-child education — students, parents, and employees were asked to answer this same question.

Almost 33% of participants chose a word like “community” or “family.” Did you also think of a similar word?

It’s this sense of shared humanity, of community, that defines St. Anne’s-Belfield. I see it each day in our students as they interact with their peers. I see it among our faculty and staff as they teach our students about what it means to be a visionary leader and exemplary citizen, in ways both large and small. I see it in my colleagues, who have reached far beyond what many would imagine possible to reinvent our School. And I see it in the generosity of donors like you, who make it all possible.

Thank you for being a vital part of our St. Anne’s-Belfield community. While I have many words I could use to describe you and your annual gift to the school, the word I would like to choose is impactful.

This Impact: Philanthropy Report 2021-22 tells the stories of a few of the many ways your gift to The Fund for St. Anne’s-Belfield has supported our students this past year. In reading through these stories, I hope you will be as energized and impressed by our young people, and the teachers that inspire them, as I am. Your gift truly touched every corner of our community.

Thank you, and Go Saints!

Dr. Autumn A. Graves, P ’33, ’35
Head of School




Sophia Hunt '15

"The act of giving reflects a larger appreciation of and care for the well-being of our alma mater. More importantly, when we as alumni each pitch in, our collective effort has the multiplicative power to uplift and further the vision of St. Anne’s Belfield."


Kevin Zeithaml '11

"I give to St. Anne's-Belfield because of the countless hours the faculty and staff poured into my growth and future success. Their work and the lessons they taught me continue to inspire and challenge me. My gift is how I ensure future generations can benefit from world-class educators as I did."


Caitlin Thomson, Parent '36
5th Grade Faculty

"We know firsthand that St. Anne's-Belfield supports their teachers, and we see how the students directly benefit from this. We feel so fortunate that our family is a part of this teaching and learning community.”


Maria and Ryan Gall, Parents '31 '34, '36

"We volunteer and give to the School because we believe in the people. The staff, faculty, and administrators make St. Anne’s-Belfield such a remarkable community and we want to do whatever we can to support them.”


East He '12

“My gift to the community speaks to my gratitude, and also my hope that our school grows into an exemplary institution, where every student can be a part of it.”

Myron Ripley '86

Myron Ripley '86

"A planned gift is one way in which I have the opportunity to define that legacy and help the next “Myron” experience a world class education in a loving environment."