Impact: Philanthropy in Action 2019-20

As the new Head of School, I am incredibly humbled to join the St. Anne's-Belfield community where so many, like you, are actively engaged in the life of the School. It's truly a community effort, especially in 2020. The steadfast devotion of our community through philanthropic giving is helping to make this year a dynamic experience for our students and build on our strong foundation for the future.

We compiled this Impact: Philanthropy Report 2019-20 to show you some of the ways your generosity has touched lives at our School. I invite you to explore this site and its stories. You'll learn about the student-created Intensive, a three-week long course focused on community connections and service. Or our turn-on-a-dime shift to remote learning this spring, and the resilience of our students, parents, faculty and staff. Philanthropy helps to make this possible.

Every member of our community is a genuine partner, and I greatly value all of you. Your contributions, your ideas, your perspective, and your lived experience — you matter to me, and to our School.

Thank you for your ongoing support of St. Anne’s-Belfield.

Dr. Autumn A. Graves
Head of School



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Trent Anderson

Trent Anderson, Parent '24

"Investing in the future of children is an investment in your future. The children of today will go on to become the leaders of tomorrow’s world… This is your opportunity to impact the narrative of tomorrow."

East He '12

East He '12

“My gift to the community speaks to my gratitude, and also my hope that our school grows into an exemplary institution, where every student can be a part of it.”

Terry Thatcher '57

Terry Thatcher '57

"I give to St. Anne's-Belfield because I feel strongly that attending was pivotal in my ability to succeed in college and graduate school. My husband and I think it's so important to help the School provide financial aid and other campus improvements for current students."

Thomas & Kristin Dahl

Thomas & Kristin Dahl, Parents '20, '21, '24, '29

"We give to the [School because] we realize that the net tuition revenue does not cover the cost of all that a St. Anne's-Belfield education offers." 

Elizabeth Haile Hayes ‘71

Elizabeth Haile Hayes ‘71

"Going to St. Anne's-Belfield in tenth grade was a transformative experience for me. The School gave so much to me and I want to return the favor."

Myron Ripley '86

Myron Ripley '86

"A planned gift is one way in which I have the opportunity to define that legacy and help the next “Myron” experience a world class education in a loving environment."