Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Environment

Saints Summer Camp will be using the same protocols as we have during the school year, which allowed St. Anne's-Belfield's 880 students to be in-person all year with no community spread of COVID-19.

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Mitigation Protocols (Download this page as a PDF)

Daily Health Screenings

Upon entry to school each morning, members of our school staff will serve as health screeners to take the temperature of every student using Temper-Sure devices. All employees who will be working on campus will also have daily screenings. Every student will need to have this filled out prior to the start of school in order for us to share information quickly with parents in the event that a child has a fever above 100F. Students with fevers will go home until the fever has subsided. We have added additional sick rooms to accommodate students who must wait for their parents to pick them up. Families can assist the school by keeping students home in the event of fever.

Face Coverings

In accordance with guidance from the CDC, Virginia Department of Education, and our school's medical advisors, we will require all students ages 3 and up, all staff, and all visitors to wear a face covering at all times while indoors and in the presence of other people. Face coverings may be removed outdoors but only if physical distancing is maintained and only during aerobic physical activity or while eating. At this time, bandanas, neck-gaiters, or neck warmers are not acceptable. 

Physical Distancing

Students and employees must maintain three feet of physical distance and wear a face covering when inside of a building. Per CDC guidelines, students may remove their face coverings only when eating, or when engaged in aerobic physical activity outside with six feet of distance.

Cleaning and Disinfection

A few years ago, the school upgraded its cleaning services by contracting with The Budd Group, a leading facility service company in the country with over 5,000 employees serving many independent schools across the southeast. The Budd Group has hired two additional disinfectant technicians to assist the School with cleaning protocols. We have worked extensively with them to implement a thorough cleaning process and a disinfection program that is safe, environmentally-friendly, and in accordance with Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.

Campus Movement

Students and teachers will maintain a specific pattern through the hallways and buildings with signage and arrows marking which ways to enter and exit the building. We are trying to minimize the movement of students and teachers through the campuses to minimize exposure and maximize the effectiveness of our response in the event of someone contracting COVID.

Air Quality

Although the CDC indicates the primary means of COVID-19 transmission is person-to-person, there is evidence that smaller aerosolized particles might be robust enough to transmit through HVAC systems. We are therefore working closely with Southland Energy and Envise to create new protocols. These efforts focus on maximizing outside air supply and distribution, increasing particulate filtration, UV light disinfection, and alternative filter technologies where needed. 

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