Whitney Tarver '06: Associate Director of Development

When Whitney Tarver '06 came to St. Anne's-Belfield School in the tenth grade, the transition was not easy.

"I failed, many times, for the first time in my life," remembered Tarver. "I had to learn how to study, how to effectively read and take notes, and most importantly how to ask for help. The support I received from faculty was incredible, and everything after St. Anne's has been a breeze!"

Faculty members Tarver credits with both supporting and challenging her include Phil Stinnie, John Amos, and Meg Van Liew.

"I learned a lot about myself while playing basketball for Phil, and he has always pushed me to be great both on the basketball court and in the classroom, and now professionally," Tarver said.

"John Amos was my adviser and was one of the most caring and passionate teachers I've ever had. He shared with us his love for Shakespeare and Bob Dylan - what a combo! Lastly, Meg Van Liew was probably the first teacher I couldn't charm over. She was a straight shooter and made sure I learned and earned everything in the classroom, but at the same time was a great friend and offered timely advice when I needed it. I'm truly thankful for all of the faculty and staff who made my experience at St. Anne's great."

Now an associate director of development for the University of Michigan Athletic Department, Tarver knows that the resilience she built at the School has been foundational in achieving professional success.

"I was already equipped with the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom, so I was able to take time to explore professional interests early on," she said. "I've had experience with failure and have never let it stop me from accomplishing my goals. I know what it takes to be successful because of my experience at St. Anne's."