Sanaa Thomas '25

When Yancey Elementary School closed at the end of the 2016 - 2017 school year, Sanaa Thomas '25 knew that what she considered her family’s school would be hard to replace. Her father, brothers, sister, and many cousins had all attended Yancey, and she was familiar with the traditions and the community. But the change brought with it something Sanaa was very excited about: starting middle school at St. Anne’s-Belfield.

“Fifth grade here was middle school,” she explained. “Before I would have still been in elementary school.”

Perhaps the most exciting parts of being in a middle school environment in fifth grade have to do with Sanaa’s schedule. Changing classes and having different classmates each period is interesting and allows her to work with different people, and having a fifth grade hallway with lockers is a new favorite as well.

“There are no locks on lockers here, which is cool,” she said. “I decorated my locker with Mario. I love that game. Mario Kart has been my favorite video game probably since I was born.”

In addition to video games, Sanaa is interested in all things technological. 3-D printing, game design, and online games are just a few of the opportunities Sanaa sees within technology, and she envisions her future incorporating technology either as a hobby or a career choice. Now, in the fifth grade, she’s enjoying the single gender math and science classes and says that in having a full class of girls together she find that they can “get stuff done more easily.”

Other things Sanaa enjoys include the uniform dress code and Chapel dress, Community Lunch at which she gets to know students she might not otherwise have the chance to meet, and the games she gets to play as part of Ms. Thomson’s advisory.

While she may not know all of the St. Anne’s-Belfield School’s traditions yet, Sanaa is looking forward to learning them and being a part of the community. She considers everything she has yet to discover exciting surprises still to come and the chance to become part of a whole new school family.