Michael Zhang '31

Michael Zhang '31 has enjoyed his two years with Ms. Robin in the Pre-School for one main reason: dinosaurs. From the books in the library to building with Legos to playground games with friends, dinosaurs are constantly on his mind and in his heart.

“Sometimes when it’s dinosaur things, I like to see all the dinosaur books, the silly dinosaur books,” he said on a recent trip to the Pre-School library, before pulling out a paperback on his favorite creatures.

“The T-Rex is the best dinosaur because they are meat eaters. I like that they have sharp teeth like me.”

Demonstrating the strength of his teeth with a few very scary chomps, Zhang reflected on his last birthday when he received a homemade cake and a visit from the Birthday Fairy.

“At snack time on my birthday I got a cake, and the Birthday Fairy gave me four magic stones. At my house I found one more so I have five. I want to find another so I have six.”

Also at his house is the kite he made during the Pre-School’s recent unit exploring wind and air.

“This week we made kites and one day we flew them. I drew a dinosaur on my kite. I got to bring it home and today it’s in my house near the door so I can fly it again,” said Zhang. “I think I will fly it when I get home.”

Most days after school Zhang enjoys spending time with his sister, eating a snack, going to tennis, and practicing gymnastics. He likes to meet new people after school and talk about his day and school.

“It’s fun, it’s nice,” he said of the Pre-School. “There are lots of toys and the teachers are nice too. And the books in the library are good!”