Leila Humphreys '27

Leila Humphreys ’27 is a girl of many interests and talents. A member of a winter basketball team, piano player, seamstress, Destination Imagination participant, and math Olympian, she has developed many passions early on in her academic path.

“I have a lot of after school activities during the fall,” she said. “My favorites are probably basketball and piano.”

In addition to hobbies, Leila loves school and being in Mr. Raffinan’s third grade class, especially during special subjects like art, RLA, and science.

“In science, we get to do a lot of experimenting, we get to share our ideas and do a lot of projects. It’s really fun,” Leila explained of her current favorite subject, adding that she has really enjoyed her class’ science unit on electricity and art project involving water colors and value, in which she chose to paint a frog basket.

Leila also loves many St. Anne’s-Belfield School traditions including the annual Poetry Festival (last year her RLA group dressed up like motorcyclists to recite the poem “Motorcycle Song”) and the Halloween Parade.

A member of the School community since Junior Kindergarten, Leila is a proud sandbox kid and has enjoyed how her education here has changed since leaving the Pre-School for the East Wing.

“I feel like FAB Lab has grown a lot since Kindergarten,” noted Leila. “Now, we get to vote and choose and do what we would like to do. I’m enjoying being more independent.”