Jack Hagans '32

When Jack Hagans arrived at the Pre-School for his first day at St. Anne’s-Belfield, his excitement was due to something most people overlook: the doorbell.

“I liked the noise it made when my mom pushed it,” he said with a smile.

Once inside the building and Ms. Mary’s classroom, Jack’s enjoyment only increased. From the playhouse to the instruments to the gym and the classroom rug, Jack has found something in virtually every corner that makes him happy.

“I like playing drums on the rug,” he said of his class’ music time with Ms. Mary. “And I like that Miss Victoria comes and plays all of her instruments.”

In addition to Miss Victoria’s Music & Movement sessions, Jack loves when Senora Roth arrives with toys for Spanish lessons.

“She brings a squishy ball that we throw to each other and say words,” he explained.

At home, Jack enjoys playing with his older brother, especially when they pretend to be lions, and reading a variety of books including Frog and Toad, the Max and the cat series, and Where the Wild Things Are.

Each morning, Jack is now excited for the surprises his time at the Pre-School will hold but he always knows his days will include his favorite thing about the School: Ms. Mary.