Isabel Humphreys '23

Isabel Humphreys '23 has probably explored most corners of the Learning Village, since she arrived as a Kindergartener and has been involved in most aspects of School life since then. As she's grown, she's found her attention devoted slightly more to some of her favorite interests: reading, technology, and music.

"I really like to read, so that's probably my favorite thing to do at School," she said. "I like coming to the library and reading, mainly fantasy novels. Right now I've just finished the Trickster's Choice series. I liked that the characters are very relatable."

Humphreys spends time in the library as one of the School's first library interns, a role she enjoys because it allows her to shelve and fix books, write book reviews, and make decorations.

"I like when I get to help someone choose a book," she said. "I try to match them with something based on their age, the books they've read before and liked, and their other interests."

With such a love of reading, it might be surprising to hear that Humphreys' favorite subject is math because she is attracted to the" organization and rules."

Also among Humphreys' favorites is working with technology. She is an active member of the Girls Who Code club, and is spending her Sunday evenings working on an online "choose your own adventure" book featuring a princess who must overcome various obstacles to save a prince from a fire-breathing dragon. To do this, she is writing the story as well as coding in HTML and CSS. Last summer she was also a member of the Tech Camp team that built a 3D printer from parts and used it to print – what else? – a bookmark!

In her spare time, Humphreys enjoys playing the viola and piano, and she is seriously considering a career as an educator.

"I like learning and want to make it fun for others," she said, noting that she thinks she'd most prefer to teach "upper middle" or high school students so that the class could engage in deep discussions.