Davina Vaswani '00: Hospital Vice President

Davina Vaswani '00 manages 50 primary care, specialty care, and behavioral health care clinics as the vice president of the Ambulatory Care Network and the Division of Community and Population Health at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, one of the nation's top 10 hospitals.

"The clinics serve Medicaid and Medicare patient populations in Manhattan," Vaswani explained. "Within this network, I also oversee community outreach programs that are focused on early childhood development, youth development, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition services, and the social determinants of health like housing and food insecurities that impact the health status of these populations."

For Vaswani, asking the right questions to continuously improve programs is a skill she uses daily, and one she honed earlier in her life at St. Anne's-Belfield School.

"The teachers that I remember most vividly were good role models and challenged me to be the best version of myself," she said. "They created an environment encouraging me to question things in order to understand them better."

One such teacher, Señora Nancy Waldman, created a tight community in her classes that still sees students staying in touch to this day.

"Nancy Waldman provided a safe environment for me to be myself," Vaswani remembered. "She celebrated the diverse backgrounds of the students she taught and made us feel valued. She created a close-knit family of students in her home room and . . . I am thankful to her for being a strong female role model and for her time, guidance, care, and attention."

Vaswani studied one-on-one with Waldman as the only student in AP Spanish 5 Literature during her senior year, a unique experience for which she is still grateful.

Writing, communication skills, exposure to the arts and language, and role models in her St. Anne's-Belfield School educators are all experiences Vaswani knows have stuck with her through her years after graduation, with the overall culture of the classrooms and School making a great impact.

"In Mr. Weiss's science class [we had a] lesson on buoyancy, we had to figure out how to make something sink to the bottom of a tank of water and then float. That project had me on edge in a good way. It was a fun challenge . . . clearly made an impact if I still remember it after so long," she said.

"Another fun memory was filming our own 'French in Action' video for Madam Simone's class in high school. It was a unique project and we had a blast being creative with the video."

With so many wonderful memories, Vaswani is hard-pressed to choose a favorite, but knows with certainty the importance of cultivating an inclusive environment.

"Building an inclusive environment is integral to the experience of every child at St. Anne's-Belfield." She said. "Having educators that respect and cultivate that value of diversity and inclusion is the key to each child's success."