Cortez Anderson '24

For Cortez Anderson '24, who joined the School in the 2016 - 2017 school year, a few new favorites were cemented in just his first month at the School.

"I love English and history," Cortez said when asked about favorite classes, noting that a recent discussion of the differences between immigrants and refugees stuck with him long after the class ended.

"And I also love science, I like the different experiments and I hope we get to do more this year."

In addition to starting at a new school, Cortez had also recently moved into town and was excited about going bike riding and watching Angry Birds with new neighborhood friends. He also enjoyed a fifth grade tradition at the School: playing in the orchestra.

"I play the violin in the orchestra," he said. "I already woke my dad up with it."

One thing that wasn't new for Cortez that year was the Percy Jackson books he found in the Learning Village Library. He's read the entire series six times, and set the goal of reading it for a seventh that year.

"It's always nice when new members get added to the family," said David Jones, fifth grade teacher and advisor. "Cortez brings a lot of energy and strong enthusiasm to science class each day. I'm anticipating a fun year!"

Looking ahead, Cortez is excited for the rest of his time at the School and all of the events and activities that come with it.

"I told my dad the weeks aren't long enough," he said. "I love it here, I want more school!"