Cameron Mann '23

When Cameron Mann '23 ran into Chris Long '04 at Bodo's Bagels last year, he didn't realize it would be the start of a long-term interest in fundraising for Waterboys.

"We started talking, and he started talking about Waterboys," Mann remembered. "I'd heard of Waterboys before because Chris Long went to school here, but he went into more detail about it and my stepdad and I loved the idea."

According to the organization's website, Waterboys is "named for one of the most overlooked but integral positions on any team (and) unites NFL players from across the league in service. As Waterboys, players put aside allegiance and team up with fans in support of a single shared cause: providing clean, accessible drinking water to rural communities in East Africa." To date, Waterboys has funded 47 wells serving 173,100 people.

Last year as a seventh grader, Mann undertook Candy to Water in which he solicited extra Halloween candy and anyone who donated to his Waterboys fundraiser could take a handful. He also used his final art project of the seventh grade to draw portraits of things associated with Waterboys, including Long. School parent Mrs. Venerus sponsored the production of postcards with these images and Mann started this school year intent on selling them all. By the end of September, he had raised $255 dollars and sold out of the first print run of the cards.

Mann intends to continue his Candy to Water fundraising this year, and has plans to expand it via a Quest that he will lead in Trimester 2.

"The School community has been very supportive," said Mann. "They have done a lot and I feel like they will keep on supporting because that's just how our community is. It's great."

If you are interested in learning more about Mann's Candy to Water fundraiser, or wish to purchase a set of Waterboys postcards, please email for more information.