Bre Delmore '24

When Bre Delmore '24 joined St. Anne’s-Belfield School, she was already familiar with several faces in the Learning Village Grades 5 – 8.

“Two of my friends already go here, Martha and Sophie. They are on my basketball team and they introduced us to looking into going to St. Anne’s-Belfield,” explained Delmore.

Delmore, who previously attended Sutherland Middle School, played on the Cap City Ballerz travel team and is looking forward to basketball season at the School. She is also looking forward to continuing to meet new people and make new friends.

“I definitely like the community here,” she said. “You get to know different grades. In public school you don’t see them very often but here, seventh and eighth grade are in the same hallway. I love the teachers, too. They are always there to help, and they are easier to talk to. Just in general they have time to help.”

Since coming to the School, Delmore has played on the Volleyball team and joined the “Whose Computer Science Department Is It, Anyway?” Quest. She worked on a photobooth for the Kindergarten students to enjoy at the Haunted Library event, and helped create a sensor-driven dancing platform for the party. Delmore has also enjoyed singing in the choir, and the Dining Services program.

“I love the food here,” she said. “It’s actual meals not just chicken nuggets every day. So far I really like the chicken lo mein and the chicken caesar salad wraps.”

When asked about this year’s prospective families, Delmore had emphatic advice.

“Come here,” she said. “It’s exceptional.”