Our Community

Our Core Purpose
To inspire and prepare the next generation of exemplary citizens and visionary leaders.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: Cultivating responsible, honorable, ethical behavior
  • Curiosity: Fulfilling our desire to question, to know, and to learn for a lifetime
  • Diversity: Seeking to know, learn from, and value one another
  • Creativity: Expecting imaginative, critical, and divergent thinking
  • Agency: Empowering students to own their learning
  • Impact: Accomplishing meaningful, significant work for the greater good

Our Philosophy
We at St. Anne’s-Belfield School believe that our students will become exemplary citizens and visionary leaders because of the inspiration of exceptional teachers and the nourishment of every child’s innate curiosity. Our mission is to feed this curiosity through exceptional, innovative teaching and learning in an intentional Pre-School through Grade 12 community in which close relationships provide the foundation for achievement and where every child is known well. Curiosity—that desire to grow, know, ask, create, and solve—is both the fuel of learning and an essential ingredient to success in an ever-changing world; it must be encouraged from the earliest years and throughout life. Our goal is to nourish our students’ curiosity about themselves, their world, and the diverse people around them, in an educational experience that inspires, challenges, and stimulates innovative, empathetic, and creative thought. We pose compelling questions and seek answers through inquiry, application of core skills, development of essential habits, thoughtful reflection, collaboration with others, and the appropriate use of technology. The questions we ask and the answers we seek reflect our commitment to the cultivation of responsible, honorable behavior and to a mindfulness of the needs of others.

We strive to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, habits, and attitudes that will allow them to pursue their dreams in a rapidly changing and increasingly technological world, and to be exemplary citizens in life and work. Ours is a challenging yet charitable community distinguished by superior instruction that is cutting edge and student driven; by exceptionally knowledgeable and highly-trained teachers who are the most supportive and dedicated educators in their field; and by an environment that exalts growth over grades by providing a culture of intellectual candor and rich feedback. Our community strives for excellence in all aspects of School life and encourages students to discover and develop empathy, diversity of perspective, adaptability, flexibility, resilience, agency, self-efficacy, and inventiveness. We embrace uncompromisingly high expectations for ethical, selfless behavior and hold firmly our commitment to inclusion, civility, and kindness.

Our Honor Code
A student is not to lie, cheat, or steal.

Our Chapel Tradition
Dating back to our founding in 1910, our weekly Chapel services are a treasured time in the life of the School during which students and faculty gather around a common experience; that is, a personal story from a community member that offers a moral lesson, inspires self-reflection, sparks thoughtful dialogue, and opens a window into the diverse perspectives and experiences of others. Our Chapel tradition embodies the heartbeat of our community, providing a shared time and place where we celebrate student and faculty voices and attend to the spiritual dimension of our lives. The School has not been affiliated with a specific church or religion in over 30 years, and ours is a community of students, teachers, and families of all faiths, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Our Statement on Diversity & Inclusion
The St. Anne’s-Belfield School community is united in its commitment to diversity and inclusion, both as a moral imperative and an essential part of our educational promise, for we know that the most enduring teaching and learning happens in an environment where everyone—student, teacher, staff member, parent, alumnus/a, and friend of the School—feels safe, valued and known. We believe our students will live their most fulfilling, rewarding, and purposeful lives when they include everyone equitably in any endeavor and embrace difference as an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve the human condition for all. We expect our students will leave us eager to learn about and from the uniqueness of others, to recognize our commonalities, and to have the courage and skills to speak out against actions that compromise anyone’s human dignity.