Announcing Marie Reed, M.A., as Head of the Middle School

January 19, 2020

From Head of School Dr. Autumn A. Graves

Middle School is an extraordinary time in a child’s becoming. As such, it is my great pleasure to appoint an extraordinary leader to guide our students through these pivotal years. Marie Reed, who has been serving as interim Head of the Middle School, has been elevated to a permanent role effective January 1, 2021.

A native of the area, Mrs. Reed earned her B.A. in studio art and English at Furman University and an M.A. in educational leadership from Columbia University Teachers College. Her time in the St. Anne’s-Belfield community has provided a breadth of experience and depth of authentic connections. Since 2014, she has served as an Upper School faculty member, a middle school teacher and team leader, and the Dean of Faculty Development.

I am reminded each day in my work that the people our students are to be, they are now becoming. Approaching this time in life with the goal of survival leads us to miss an incredible opportunity. Big things happen in the middle. - Marie Reed

Prior to joining St. Anne’s-Belfield, Mrs. Reed was a faculty member at Glenelg Country School in Maryland, where she served as a department chair, co-director of professional development, and an Upper School Humanities teacher. Across her teaching career, she has taught English, history, art history, and studio art, and co-taught with teachers in the arts, computer science, chemistry, statistics, and humanities fields. Her range of academic interest and experience not only make her well suited to serve as a leader at our School, but in many ways, it also pairs with the explosion of curiosity that occurs among middle school-aged children.

Mrs. Reed is joined at the School by her husband, Mr. Geoff Reed, Grade 5 English/History teacher, advisor, dorm parent, and their two children, Alex '27 and Abby '30. For the Reeds, St. Anne’s-Belfield is more than a place; it’s a community. A community that not only nurtures but also challenges. And one that sees the excellence inside each individual, and provides the right keys to unlock that potential. I am excited to partner with Mrs. Reed in charting the next course for our Middle School.

Marie Reed in the Middle School 

*Photos taken pre-COVID-19*

First day of School in the Middle School 2018

Teaching a Middle School Quest 2018

Working with students on a project 2019 

Early years teaching at St. Anne's-Belfield 

In the background, letting students take the lead during a Quest. 

First day of School in the Middle School 2019