Student Programs

These programs reinforce our emphasis on instilling empathy, action, and kindness.

9/10 Life Skills

Our Life Skills curriculum focuses on emerging issues identified by educators and medical experts and seeks to  optimize the health, wellness, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) of our students.

Peer Mentors

A Peer Mentor is a student in grades 10-12 who volunteers to be trained in current adolescent health issues and deep listening so they can be a positive role model and mentor for younger students. They are knowledgeable and experienced guides, trusted allies and advocates, and empathetic role models.


HealthFest is a special school day for grades 9-12 when local and national health experts share current best practices in optimizing adolescent health. Keynote speakers kick off the program followed by smaller breakout discussion groups and seminars. 

5-8 Health

In our comprehensive 5th-8th Health curriculums, students engage in conversation around social-emotional topics relevant to their developmental stage, and practice good decision making skills and healthy communication in their relationships.


The Advisory Program connects each Middle School student with a faculty member who serves as the student’s primary support, guide, and advocate throughout the student’s time in the Middle School. The advisor not only cares for and attends to each advisee’s social, emotional, academic, and extracurricular needs but also becomes the main point of contact for the advisee’s parent(s)/guardian(s) and teachers. 


A treasured time in the life of the School, our century-old Chapel tradition nurtures the spiritual dimension of life and promotes the social and emotional wellness of students, faculty, and the community as a whole. The weekly services embody the heartbeat of our community to provide a shared time and place where we celebrate wisdom and compassion through student and faculty voices. 

Responsive Classroom

In grades K-4, our teachers use the Responsive Classroom philosophy in their approach to education. The focus is on intentional community building and social-emotional learning, while creating a sense of belonging in the classroom and School across all subject areas.

Lunch Bunch

Throughout the school year the counselors at the lower and middle school run various lunch bunch groups.  These lunch bunch groups offer a unique opportunity for students to gather in an informal setting where they can connect with peers and build trusting relationships.  There are varying themes of lunch bunch which are focused on promoting social-emotional learning.  This environment allows the counselors to adapt to the needs of a diverse group of learners.