Online Learning Policy

Attending School Remotely

Remote learning is designed to mitigate the academic impact of anticipated medical absences that require students to remain at home when they are well enough to resume learning. It is not to replicate the on-campus student experience.

Remote learning is only available for medical absences that must extend for more than three days of school. Remote learning is not offered for family travel or times when children miss school due to brief illness of an unanticipated duration. In the latter case, teachers will work with students to catch up when they return to school. 

In the context of a Pre-School – Grade 12 school, the needs of the student, the on-campus classroom, and the program vary by age and grade level. As a result, the School’s approach to remote learning also varies: 

  • Due to the developmental needs of young children and the requirements of the on-campus classroom, parents/guardians of students in Pre-School – Grade 2 should communicate with the teacher, and the teacher will determine whether there are appropriate materials to send home.

  • In Grades 3 – 6, remote learning will be primarily asynchronous (at home work that can be completed by the student independently before a return to school) based on the developmental needs of the students. The homeroom teacher or advisor will coordinate with students and families to provide materials for at-home work and develop a plan for reviewing essential concepts during and following the absence. Teachers will indicate if Zoom/synchronous participation would be appropriate to support ongoing learning.

  • In Grades 7 – 12, as the pace of coursework and student independence increase, access to either asynchronous or synchronous (students log on to Zoom at the same time as the class) engagement supports the continuity of learning. Course content and resources will be available on Canvas, the School’s learning management system (LMS), and synchronous learning via Zoom may be offered depending on what is happening in classes on a given day. Students are required to be on campus for graded assessments. 

In the event of a medical absence that will extend for more than three days, a student’s family should contact the division head for approval and specify the cause of the extended absence and its anticipated duration. Medical documentation may be required for approval. Once an extended absence is approved, a family can expect to receive communication about support within 24 – 48 business hours. 

See the School’s Medical Leave of Absences protocols in the Health and Medical Guidelines section of the Student & Family Handbook for more information about enduring medical absences.

Updated 8/2022

Whom To Contact First

When your child needs to move online for a medical absence that will extend for more than three days, first contact your division's divisional assistant:

Accessing Online Learning

Students have been using Canvas, our learning management system, in classes on campus since the start of this year. This enables them to quickly pivot to online learning if necessary. To move online, students should log on to Canvas at the start of the day to find schedules, Zoom links, and directions.

Your Responsibility As A Parent

When students shift to online learning, families must be prepared to support the learning. To that end please find the divisional online learning norms and expectations below.