Grades 5 – 8 Parent Partnership Meeting
Aug. 19

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Please be prepared to discuss these questions with your child’s homeroom/advisor teacher at your Parent Partnership Meeting, which will take place on Aug. 19. You will receive your student's advisor placement information and instructions for signing up for partnership meetings by early August.

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Please be prepared to discuss these questions with your child’s Advisor at your August Parent-Teacher Meeting. 

Student’s Name:

Student’s Preferred Name: 


Parent/Guardian Preferred Name(s):

Best way to contact (circle one): e-mail                                                                          phone

Date of Conference:

  1. Tell me about your child's experience during the 2020 - 22 school years.


  2. What are your child’s greatest strengths and/or skills?


  3. How is your child feeling about the start of school? What specific concerns or excitement has your child expressed?


  4. What opportunities and obstacles to learning have you identified for the start of this year? 


  5. Tell me about your child's experience at home.

    1. What languages are spoken in your household? Would your family benefit from translated school materials or the support of an interpreter at parent conferences?


    2. What other adults or children are part of your child's life at home?


  6. How and when would you like me to be in touch with you this year? What do you hope will be the focus of our communication? Are there other supportive adults I should include in my communication with you?


  7. What else would you like me to know about your child or your child's developing identity?


  8. There may be times when it will be necessary for your child to work digitally from home.

    1. Do you have access to WiFi?

    2. What technical support would your child need or benefit from?


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