Parents' Association

The Parents' Association (PA) of St. Anne's-Belfield School seeks to enhance the vision and goals of the School by volunteering, by providing opportunities for parents to connect with each other, and by participating in various fundraising activities.

All School parents are members of the Association by virtue of having a student enrolled at the School.

The Association is served by a Board whose role is to coordinate the many, varied volunteer activities. These activities include: LINK, a program that helps integrate new families into the School community; the Fall Family Picnic, an afternoon of sports, fun, and food for the entire family co-sponsored by the Athletic Boosters; Arts Boosters activities to support our fine and performing arts programs; special school events such as Parents' Nights, Lessons and Carols, Grandparents' Day, class days, and graduation; and finally, the many classroom and divisional Volunteer Opportunities that abound at the School, coordinated by the Grade Level Representatives and the Division Volunteer Coordinators.


2017 - 2018 General PA Meeting Dates

The first All Parents Meeting of the year will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 12:00 p.m. in Brennan Hall. Enjoy a light lunch followed by brief introduction and hear from Head of the Learning Village Shannon Montague, Associate Head of School for Academics Beth Miller and all three deans of faculty, Lisa Keeler (K - 4), Marie Reed (5 - 8), and Laura Robertson (9 - 12).

Please check back soon for the full 2017 - 2018 meeting schedule.

2017 - 2018 Parents' Association Board

  • President: Elizabeth Pollard
  • Vice President: Meghan Welsch
  • Treasurer: Karen Brooks-Fox
  • Secretary: Mindy Vaughn
  • PS Coordinators: Olivia Wages, Caroline Walker
  • LV K - 4 Coordinators: Carmen Carver, Nicole Lynch
  • LV 5 - 8 Coordinators: Danyelle Collins, Betsy Granville
  • US Division Coordinators: Wendy Carlton, Angie Oakey
  • School Liaison: Maria Gall
  • Parent Enrichment Coordinator: Pam Edmonds
  • Athletics Boosters: Lucy Koch
  • Class Photos: Kelly Bruton
  • Consignment Chair: Jeanne Marie Holden
  • Faculty Appreciation – PS: Will Trinkle
  • Faculty Appreciation – LV K-4: Carmen Carver, Holen Lewis
  • Faculty Appreciation – LV 5-8: Kelly Bruton, Rebecca Eustis
  • Faculty Appreciation – US: Sue Frazier, Laurie Jones
  • Fall Family Picnic: Lucy Koch
  • Grandparents’ Day: Christie Shaps, Amy Emanuel
  • Rebate Programs: Maia Bannan
  • LINK Coordinators: Christy Hickey, Betsy Granville, Eugenie Atherton
  • STAB Fab Fine Arts Boosters: Catherine Brown
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Amy Emanuel
  • Community Coordinator: Sterling Frank

2017 - 2018 Grade Level Representatives

Grade Level Representatives (GLRs)

  • Two's: Rachel Baylor
  • Pre-School: Lauren Hebert
  • Junior Kindergarten: Arika Cocke
  • Kindergarten: Becca Gruber, Ivonne Lopez
  • First Grade: Cami Hunter, Cali Hendricks
  • Second Grade: Amy Browne, Meghan Welsch
  • Third Grade: Ellen Geismar, Susan Rannigan
  • Fourth Grade: Molly Jurick, Corie King
  • Fifth Grade: Kristen Hathaway, Logan MacKethan
  • Sixth Grade: Janelle Noble, Ellen Geismar
  • Seventh Grade: Sonnia Kesser, Julie Lang
  • Eighth Grade: Barkley Laing, Sue Miller, Angie Oakey
  • Ninth Grade: Suzanne Chitwood, Laura Quagliaroli
  • Tenth Grade: Marian Fife, Jessia Malasek
  • Eleventh Grade: Fiona Forward, Logan MacKethan
  • Twelfth Grade: Mary Blanton, Eugenie Atherton, Maddy Deal, Kim Basile Wood, Sue Frazier

Division Coordinators

  • Pre-School Coordinators: Olivia Wages, Caroline Walker
  • LV K - 4 Coordinators: Carmen Carver, Nicole Lynch
  • LV 5 - 8 Coordinators: Danyelle Collins, Betsy Granville
  • Upper School Coordinators: Wendy Carlton, Angie Oakey