Alumni Spotlight

St. Anne's-Belfield School's more than 3,800 alumni live across the world, and every day they engage with and impact their local communities. The talents and skills they honed at the School are put to use to create, educate, facilitate, and lead. The alumni featured below are just a small sample of our global presence, but regardless of where they live or what they have done one thing all of our Saints have in common is the pride and support of our School community.

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Tommy Carpenter '09: Concert Cellist

For Tommy Carpenter ‘09, the road to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra began in middle school when he opted to play the cello in the School’s required fifth grade string program.

“I think it is one hundred percent the right thing to have that requirement,” he said recently. “Music education is vitally important, especially now. It helps so many other facets of School life. For example, mathematics. There is a lot of math that has to do with rhythm and intonation. A lot of people just listen to the music and say ‘that sounds nice’ and while it does sound nice, there is a format or blueprint to a piece of music that uses an extreme complex of chord structures, musical form, and musical style. Also, cognitively, music fires on the same cylinders as learning a language because that is what music is - a language.”

After his required year in the Fifth Grade Orchestra, Carpenter went on to study with Debbie Lyle through his time at the School, as well as with other musical mentors. He also looked for opportunities to hone his skills through exposure at School events and traditions.

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Zev Burrows '12: Composer
Dr. Margaret Cohen ‘92: International Archaeologist
Sarah Everett '82: Alumni Board President & Philanthropist
Schuyler Fisk '00: Actress and Musician
Sally Willinger Fox '63
Changdong "East" He '12: Vice President of Unique Capital
Martine Kalaw '99: Author
Saha Khaterzai '08: Presidential Management Fellow
Rahul Keshap '92: Lawyer
James King '03: Veteran
Alex Kramer '09: Actor
Julia McCrea Kudravetz '98: Small Business Owner
Dr. Charles Kupchan '76: Professor of International Affairs
Andrew McCullough '08: Oversaw NBC Rio Olympics Logistics
Sally Mott Freeman
Sandy Reisky '84: Founder of Apex Clean Energy
Myron Ripley '86
Branford Rogers '12 & Darius Wynn '12: Entrepreneurs
Retired Foreign Diplomat Jan Scott '68
Audrey Schreck '15: Medical Scribe
Kiki Slaughter '01: Artist
Suz Somersall '02: Tech Business Owner
Whitney Tarver '06: Associate Director of Development
Annie Temmink '07: Sculptor & Costume Designer
Janakan Thiagarajah '97: Outside General Counsel & Business Advisor
Davina Vaswani '00: Hospital Vice President
Mary Welby von Thelen '76: eLearning Entrepreneur