Taylor Receives University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award

Upper School Humanities teacher Mr. Jordan Taylor has received a University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award. His nomination by Victor Ji ’19 came following years of a mutually respectful student and teacher relationship.

“I’m certainly flattered,” said Taylor, who taught Ji in American Studies. “Victor was always such an interesting student to me because he really excelled at tapping into something that I didn’t understand. He was very much in the world of contemporary, online conservative politics. We had a lot of chats about that. For me, it was always very instructive to see how the issues were framed for him online… It was interesting to see how seriously he took ideas, and saw them as something that had to be wrestled with every day.”

Though Taylor did not supervise Ji’s Capstone Thesis on Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scali, originalism, and the Constitution of the United States, the topic grew from his American Studies class.  Taylor also taught Ji in Honors Humanities 12.

Each year, the University of Chicago asks newly admitted students to recognize the educators who truly made a different in their lives. Nominated educators are then honored by the university, which seeks to highlight the stories that show education’s power to transform. The awards have been given for more than three decades.