Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is a dedicated group of alumni spanning four decades who volunteer their time to help ensure St. Anne's-Belfield School remains a great institution. It advances the standards, interests, and welfare of St. Anne’s-Belfield School, its students, faculty and alumni, and to foster strong relations among them as well as other natural constituencies . The Association is pivotal in providing insight into alumni events, assisting with phonathons, and supporting the fundraising efforts of the School. Most notably, its annual Christmas Tree and Greenery Sale benefits the School’s Financial Aid Fund. To get involved with the Alumni Board, contact John Blake, director of alumni relations.

Alumni Association Members

  • Fritz Berry ’84, President
  • Sarah Hormel Everett ’82, Vice-President
  • Lizzie Peters Dudley ’74
  • Pepper Binner '90
  • Tommy Brannock ’74
  • Bruce Cauthen '74
  • Erika Fennell '99
  • Sally Mott Freeman '72
  • John Grove '80
  • Joseph R. Martin '75
  • Thorne W. Michaels '09
  • Meghan Hughes Perry '04
  • Kem Roth '84
  • Stuart A. Smith '83
  • Julie Speasemaker '68