Alphabet Soup

A Glossary for the School Community

ASEP = After School Enrichment Program

CNC = Campaign for Our Next Century (Capital campaign between 2006 and 2010)

CCC = Conway Convocation Center

DC = Division Coordinators

ELL = English Language Learner

GLR = Grade Level Representatives

L2L = Learn to Learn faculty professional development institute hosted by the School

LINK = Network of parents to welcome new families (not an acronym)

LV = Learning Village

PA = Parents’ Association

PD = Professional Development

PBL = Problem- or Project-Based Learning

PS = Pre-School

RLA = Reading and Language Arts

RWOV - Raise We Our Voices, campaign for access and excellence

SCAS = Scott Center for Arts & Sciences

SAC = Student Activity Center

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

STAB Fab = Fine Arts Boosters (part of the Parents’ Association)

S.T.E.P. = Systematic Training for Parenting

T (1, 2, etc.) = Trimester

TLT = Teaching, Learning, and Technology “meetings”

TRC = Technology Resources Coordinator (ISTE = International Society for Technology in Education)