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St. Anne's-Belfield School's more than 4,800 alumni live across the world, and every day they engage with and impact their local communities. The alumni featured below are just a small sample of our global presence, but regardless of where they live or what they have done one thing all of our Saints have in common is the pride and support of our School community.

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National Girls and Women in Sports Day Alumnae Spotlights

Trevor Chase ‘16: Owner,  Singularity Pictures

When Trevor Chase ‘16 stepped back on campus for Hackathon 2020, it was not only a return to a favorite St. Anne’s-Belfield School event but a new project for his production company, Singularity Pictures LLC. It was the first of three videos Chase would be making for the School in spring 2020.

As a student at the University of Michigan studying for bachelor’s degrees in film and computer science, Chase acknowledges that being a student and running a company can be a challenging combination. He traces the thread of his success back to his time at the School.

“St. Anne’s-Belfield School gave me the opportunity to choose for myself how I would spend my time, which in turn made it significantly easier to continue pursuing extracurricular activities when the schedule was entirely my own in college. This enabled me to time manage and have the drive to build a production company even while still in school,” he said.

“The School prepared me for my interests by facilitating extracurricular study and resources, whether it was the computer science independent study I did freshman year or the films I was able to make while at the School, I was always encouraged and given opportunities to pursue my passions.”

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