Athletics Challenges Spring Teams to #STABGauntlet2Greatness

With the spring sports season canceled due to COVID-19, the Athletics department has been hard at work finding new ways to support our students in staying active and healthy, and continuing to learn the lessons of commitment, teamwork, communication, accountability, and persistence that come from playing sports. The spring #STABGauntlet2Greatness challenge was designed to do just that.

Students on spring sports teams will compete as teams in this five-week fitness challenge, with each team member earning points for consistently staying active.

“We are heartbroken for the spring athletes who will miss this season and realize the many lessons that are learned through playing sports and being on a team,” said Chad Powlovich, director of athletic development. “This is a great opportunity for them to work together virtually to achieve a common goal as they would playing their sport.”

During the challenge, Grades 7 & 8 teams will compete against other Grades 7 & 8 teams while Upper School students will compete against their peers. All challenges are found in a Google Classroom, with new challenges posted every Friday morning. Students can complete workouts as many times as they would like to improve their scores, and submit their highest score for the week. Bonus points can be accumulated if coaches complete the challenges, and if everyone on the team participates. Workout photos and videos are required along with score submissions.

To stay physically active each day, Powlovich suggests students “keep it simple, know yourself, and be consistent.”

“Use what you have access to at home and find an exercise routine that works for you! Know your body and when exercise helps you the most,” he advised. “You may like to work out in the morning, evening, or split things up throughout the day. Come up with a schedule and put it on your daily calendar for when you are going to exercise just like you would your classes on a normal school day.”

Students can also post their workout pictures and videos to Instagram with the hashtags #STABAthleticDevelopment and #STABGauntlet2Greatness. Extra points may be awarded for such interaction.

Challenge winners will be announced each week, as well as an overall champion crowned at the end of the competition. The overall champion will receive prizes from the director of athletics to be announced towards the end of the competition. Students who wish to take part in the challenge but are not on a spring team roster may email Coach Powlovich or Ms. Leitch to join an “off season” team for the competition.