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Every year, thousands of student athletes and parents market themselves to college coaches. Some are able to do this very successfully while others struggle. The key to managing a complex process is to create a road map and secure the necessary resources in advance. This will give you the best possible advantage as you begin this journey. Regardless of the sport you wish to participate in, the process is the same - you have to get noticed to get recruited!

The key to success is to know that this process is not a sprint that will happen in any one year of your high school career. It’s a multi-year marathon and the journey starts with a basic plan and honest assessment. As a parent/student team, spending a little time each month on this process can open doors you never thought were possible and lead you to a collegiate student-athlete experience of a lifetime. Use the resources below or download the Guide for the Aspiring College-Bound Athlete to help guide you in the process.

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