Athletics Forms & Downloads

All Grades 7 - 12 students who plan to play a sport at St. Anne's-Belfield School must complete the following requirements before athletic participation can be granted. If you have a question, please refer to the Athletics Requirements Frequently Asked Questions sheet. Please also see the Athletics Handbook and the Aspiring College Athletes page for more information.

  • MagnusHealth: As of spring 2018, we are collecting all athletic medical forms and eventually all School forms through a software called MagnusHealth. A quick link to the MagnusHealth website is located on the lower right of the athletics main page. Please sign in to your account using your Veracross login information.
  • Day Student Health Physical Form: All Grades 7 - 12 day students participating in School athletic programs must have a physical form completed and signed by a physician dated after May 1 each year. All physical forms can be uploaded to a student’s portal or mailed directly to MagnusHealth following the instructions on the portal. Please sign in to your MagnusHealth account using your Veracross login information.
  • Boarding Student Health Physical Form: All five-day and seven-day boarders must complete this version of the health physical form, regardless of whether he or she will play a sport. This form, along with the Boarding Immunizations form, is due July 15th to the Director of Boarding, Antxon Iturbe. The form will be reviewed by the dorm's affiliated physician and then sent to athletic training staff for secondary review. It is preferred to have the forms sent electronically to or mailed to the Boarding Program: ATTN: Antxon Iturbe, 2132 Ivy RD, Charlottesville, VA 22903.
  • Concussion Education: Concussion awareness education is mandated by state law for all athletes, their parents and/or guardians, and their coaches and athletic trainers.

    Parents: One parent of every rising Grades 7 - 12 student must complete the online concussion education course provided through XLNTbrain. This must be completed every year. Click here for instructions. Please carefully follow the directions to ensure your account is linked to your student(s)’. Note: Students must be registered in order to link parent and student accounts.

    Students: Every rising ninth through twelfth grade student must complete the online concussion education course provided through XLNTbrain. This must be completed every year. Click the link above that says “Concussion Education” for instructions. Take note of your XLNTbrain ID (located on the top right of your portal), because your parent will need it to link themselves to your account.
  • Baseline Concussion Testing: Each rising Grades 7 - 12 student must complete concussion baseline testing (regardless of athletic participation) with the School's Sports Medicine staff. Baseline testing needs to be completed every other school year from when the student starts participating in athletics at the School. Students who plan to play a sport at any point during the school year are strongly encouraged to attend summer baseline testing, if their schedule allows. Boarding students will complete testing during orientation. 
  • Athletic Participation Rules Form: Team rules governing athletic participation are a requirement within athletics. These are to be completed on the students MagnusHealth portal. They must be signed by both a parent and student before each season.
  • Non-School-Sponsored Physical Activities (NSSPA) Forms: These forms are accessible in your students MagnusHealth Portal as well and must be filled out by the date on the form. Grades 7 & 8 Form, Upper School Form



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