Visual Arts

The journey through the visual arts at St. Anne's-Belfield School begins in Pre-School where the thrill of explorations and self-discovery through the manipulation of media are a fundamental part of all studentstypical day. Students finding their voice in the visual arts is supported and guided by professional specialists and the structure of a sequential, developmentally-appropriate curriculum.

Learning Village
The Learning Village is known for the group and community art that enlivens the building. Permanent and recent student artwork engages and teaches the community, and draws from themes of history, science, English/language arts, and math. Students are introduced to the language of art and develop skills that are essential to drawing, painting, printing, clay, and mixed media.

The Art Print program, taught by an art specialist, introduces students in Grades K - 4 to visual literacy through art prints and artists. Students in Grades 5 - 8 consider some of the fundamental questions inherent in making art. What is the creative process? What is the big idea behind my own work? How can I consciously use the elements and principles of design and art to create my own artwork and look at other artwork? Fifth and sixth grade students take a required class of studio art, while seventh and eighth graders may elect a grouping of three trimester courses.

Upper School
Upper School students engage in the creative process as they learn to do more disciplined and independent work while developing their own personal voice through art. They may elect quarter and yearlong classes that include three levels of studio art, and ceramics.  Advanced students who wish to pursue a medium in depth may enroll in continuing studies in any of the above mediums.

Opportunities to be recognized for the visual arts are numerous and can be seen in the regular displays of student artwork throughout all divisions, permanent student collections of art, the annual All-School Art Show, local and national competitions, School publications like Plum Magazine, Mirabella, the High School Art Show at Charlottesville's McGuffey Art Center, the annual Senior Show, and many more.

For more information on our visual arts curricula, please view our Pre-School, Learning Village Grades K - 4, Learning Village Grades 5 - 8, and Upper School curriculum guides.

Lower school student painting at a private elementary school in Charlottesville