Upper School Admissions

Our Upper School allows students to explore topics more deeply with longer class periods and opportunities for extra-curricular activities and community bonding during the school day. Our Upper School boasts world-class academic programs and institutions such as Computer Science, Humanities, Capstone Thesis, and Senior Seminars. Additionally, our Upper School offers a Boarding Program in order to extend our exceptional academics and community atmosphere to students from across the globe. Upper School students also meet frequently with their College Counselor. Our Upper School faculty fosters a freedom for students to cultivate their own curiosity and passion, while securing the support and inclusion they need.

Admissions Timeline

Applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis. Apply here.

"One thing that I admire about the community is how closely tied we are... I have been able to learn so much about other peoples' cultures and backgrounds and simply have had the chance to know them better. No matter what background or culture you come from, there is a place for you here." - Tyler Brown '22