Why an Independent School?

St. Anne's-Belfield School is proud to be an independent school.

If this is your first time exploring independent schools, review a few reasons why this environment is special:

The mission and values of an independent school vary by school, so there is a right fit for every family considering a private educational experience.

Balanced Program
Independent schools offer a balanced experience, encouraging students to participate in a variety of activities, including arts, athletics, and opportunities outside of school.

Since they are privately funded from tuition and philanthropic giving, independent schools are autonomous from many government regulations, including standardized testing and curriculum. This gives schools the freedom to design an academic program that truly meets their community's needs.

Parent Partnership
Independent schools promote a close partnership between parents/guardians and the school for the betterment of their child's educational experience. Schools also offer a close community that brings people together through events, participation, philanthropy, and more.

Diversity & Inclusivity
Independent schools foster diverse and vibrant student communities that welcome and respect every family. School's with boarding programs are often home to students from different countries, offering new learning opportunities for both international and domestic students. Most schools also offer financial aid to further support an inclusive environment.

Teaching Expertise
Faculty at independent schools tend to have more specialized areas of expertise, making them more qualified to teach in their respective areas. Teachers also foster close relationships with their students, focusing on educating the whole child.

Challenging Curriculum
Low student-teacher ratios and class sizes encourage close relationships between instructors and students, offering more individualized attention. In this environment, students are challenged and encouraged to excel.

Safe Environment
With smaller student bodies and class sizes, closer observation is more easily managed by trained faculty and staff. Some independent schools also use visitor management systems and have restricted access to academic buildings to ensure safety. 

Learn more about the independent school advantage from the National Association of Independent Schools (portions of this page were adapted from this article).

A sixth grade students celebrates World Kindness Day.