Re-enrollment FAQ 2021-22

Timeline for Re-enrollment:
  • January 6 - All returning students’ financial aid applications are due. For further assistance with how to complete your annual application, please see our Affordability page.
  • Week of January 18 - You will receive communication from the School informing you that re-enrollment will be rolled out soon. There is nothing you will need to do at this time.
  • February 3 - An email will be sent to all current St. Anne’s-Belfield School families initiating the re-enrollment process. This communication will include a link to your Veracross Parent Portal with instructions on where to find your online re-enrollment agreement.
  • February 17 - Re-enrollments contracts are due and must be signed by both custodial parents. Deposits must be received to complete your re-enrollment (complete re-enrollment is necessary for early course registration). After February 18, the School reserves the right to offer your spot to a prospective family.
Re-enrollment Agreement Tips:
  • All sections of the re-enrollment agreement must be completed in consecutive order. Each section requires you to answer every question before moving on to the next section.
  • Both parents will need to login separately using their own parent portal login credentials in order to individually sign your child(ren)’s contract(s).
  • Once both parents have signed and the deposit has been paid in full, your student will be fully re-enrolled.
  • Once re-enrolled your student will be eligible for course registration for next year.
Whom to contact:
  • Questions regarding the re-enrollment process, please contact Kaye Henyon at or 434-296-5106 x2122.
  • Questions regarding school programming, please reach out to your division head:
  • Questions regarding tuition (payments, FACTS accounts), please contact Amanda Penton at or 434-296-5106 x1239.
  • Questions regarding Financial Aid, please contact Morgan Rakes at or 434-296-5106 x1225
If you are not planning on returning to School for the 2021-2022 school year, please be sure to let us know by reaching out to Kaye Henyon or checking the box on your re-enrollment contract for “not re-enrolling”.